10 Best Apps for Camping and Outdoors

July 23, 2012

In days of old, going camping meant unplugging and distancing yourself from technology. But today, especially at KOA where every campground has Wi-fi, technology can be used to greatly enhance your experience. Here are 10 camping and outdoor apps that will add to the fun.

1. Study Stars: GoSkyWatch Planetarium
Easily and quickly identify and locate stars, planets, constellations, galaxies and more by simply pointing to the sky. It’s your personal telescope to the wonders in the night sky. Go outside and explore with GoSkyWatch Planetarium. Download It

2. Find Your Way: Spyglass
While time consuming to master, Spyglass is a powerful toolkit essential for every outdoorsman. You can use it as a waypoints tool, sextant, compass, range finder, speedometer, inclinometer and more — tagging, sharing, finding and tracking your position, multiple locations, bearings, sun, moon and stars, all in real time. Download It

3. Identify Wildlife: MyNature Animal Tracks
MyNature Animal Tracks is the easy, fun way to indentify animal tracks and scat. Now you’ll know what type of animal walked where you did, which way they’re heading and when they were there — making your time outdoors more educational and entertaining. Download It

4. Light Your Way: Flashlight
When it’s dark out, use ExactMagic’s Flashlight to brighten your path. This simple, but incredibly handy app turns your mobile device into a bright flashlight with the click of a button. Download It

5. Stay Safe: Army Survival
The U.S. Army knows how to train their personnel to survive. Their field manual is the most authoritative guide on survival. This app provides a complete reference guide on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery information should you ever find yourself in such a precarious situation. Download It

6. Keep Pests Away: Bug Spray – Ultrasonic
This ingenious app emits high frequency tones that have the effect of repelling insects. These high frequency tones are above the hearing range of most people, so you won’t hear them — but you’ll certain notice fewer mosquitoes buzzing around. Download It

7. Stay Informed: AccuWeather
From what to wear to how to travel, AccuWeather gives you fast, easy access to current weather information so you can make your plans with confidence. The app features hourly and 15-day weather forecasts for 2.7 million locations worldwide — and includes alerts for severe weather storms. Download It

8. Eat Well: Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner
From our friends at Coleman, this app makes planning, shopping for and cooking the perfect outdoor meal easy and delicious. Based on top-rated recipes by Coleman, the Cookout Cookbook & Meal Planner application helps you find, rate and organize meals based on food type, category and ingredients. Let’s eat! Download It

9. Get Active: AllTrails
AllTrails lets you browse through over 40,000 high-quality trail guides for outdoor activities, including everything from hiking and mountain biking to fly fishing and snowshoeing. Adventure awaits! Download It

10. Cook Outdoors: Weber Grills
The brand-new Weber® Grills app features over 75 mouthwatering recipes, each delivered to your mobile device weekly — plus more than 60 guides, tips and techniques that are guaranteed to keep the fire burning. Download It

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