Ask Chuck The Insurance Expert

September 7, 2011

Dear Chuck,

My husband was washing vegetables in the RV when the dog dashed outside. He accidentally left the water running as he went chasing after Fido. When he returned, he found a very wet floor and lots of water damage. Are we protected?

Under Water

Dear Under Water,

I’m glad you caught Fido! Sometimes those little guys can run fast.

Not all insurance companies cover flooding, so be sure you check your Comprehensive loss protection plan. Also, if you endorsed your RV on your auto policy, the flood is likely not covered. That’s why specialized RV policies are something RVers should definitely have. A specialized RV policy doesn’t have to break the bank and the typical difference in the price between a specialized RV policy and an auto endorsement is minimal. The difference in coverage is what’s significant and what you need to be concerned about.

I also have great news for Fido. If he or she is ever inured in an accident while riding in the RV, or injured during a fire, flood or theft, Progressive Insurance will pay up to $1,000 to help cover Fido’s veterinary bills. There’s no added cost to have this coverage either. It’s free with Comprehensive or Collision coverage and is just one of many ways Progressive is committed to the RV lifestyle!

Chuck Mozingo enjoys RVing with his wife, two kids and their dog Scout. They enjoy RVing locally in Cleveland, as well as heading north to Whittier Alaska to their favorite spot, Williwaw Campground. When RVing, Chuck can’t live without his iPod, s’mores and family thumb war tournaments. When he’s not hitting the open road, Chuck is the RV Product Manager for Progressive® Insurance, where he has worked for nearly 20 years.

  • Mary Schneider

    My boyfriend had a claim on his RV several years ago. His RV had water damage and claim was accepted for roof repair,etc.. Months ago, we noticed damage on side edges of RV. Thinking it was due to the side edges, (hitching end of RV,) had separated and seemed swollen on both ends of same end of trailer. WE could not understand why or how this had happened. The roof had not long ago been replaced, we did not think it could possibly be from that . Long story short, the damage was caused from the roof which was not done properly. Allstate, was notified and said it should go under the already existing claim of the last roof damage. Well, here is my question, the trailer was totally damaged due to water, mold, floor rot, electric,etc.. Now Allstate wants to only give us market value as of today. I feel this should be rectroactive back to the date which the roof was poorly repaired by the factory and continued (unknowing to us) to damage our internal walls as time went on to this current date. At the time of first damage to roof,etc., the market value was $8,000.00 but now they want to reevaluate us for market for today being $4,000.00. They will sue the factory for their money and we will still have no paid for..RV. That does not feel fair. What do you advise, please. Thank you, Mary