Ask Chuck the RV Insurance Expert

October 4, 2011

Dear Chuck,

The last time my wife and I used our RV, we noticed there were nuts and berries all over the floor. Although my kids eat healthier than I do, I don’t think they are the problem. What could have caused this? Are we okay if there’s vermin damage?

Nuts and Berries

Dear Nuts and Berries,

It seems you have an infestation on your hands. When your RV has an infestation, you’ll often find nuts, straw, grass, or even animal droppings in your RV. When you see this, complete a thorough inspection of the unit and its safety systems right away to ensure there’s been no damage to the operating systems. If you have any doubts, take the unit to your RV center and have them perform an inspection.

The good news is you should be fully covered with your RV Comprehensive coverage as long as you’ve taken good care of your vehicle, inspected it regularly during the period it wasn’t used and are insured with a dedicated RV insurer. I recommend inspecting your RV at least once every week or two and make sure you keep it regularly maintained and serviced. Keep records of all work done so that you know you’ll be covered when little critters sneak into your camp. I love to share my RV with neighbors, but not the ones that eat wiring harnesses. Such nasty campers can cause fires, electrical failures and mechanical breakdowns that can ruin your day.

So remember, regularly inspect your vehicle for vermin infestation. If you find any, make sure all your systems are intact and functioning safely. And if you happen upon a giant bear dropping… run!

Chuck Mozingo enjoys RVing with his wife, two kids and their dog Scout. They enjoy RVing locally in Cleveland, as well as heading north to Whittier Alaska to their favorite spot, Williwaw Campground. When RVing, Chuck can’t live without his iPod, s’mores and family thumb war tournaments. When he’s not hitting the open road, Chuck is the RV Product Manager for Progressive® Insurance, where he has worked for nearly 20 years.