How To Make Campfire Chili Lasagna

How To Make Campfire Chili
September 8, 2012

Everybody’s got their favorite “warm-you-up, never-let-you-down” chili recipe. This is ours. It has an Italian twist we know you’ll love — a new take on an old favorite.


1 can corn
1 can red beans
1 can hot chili beans
1 can medium black olives
1 box Hamburger Helper Lasagna
1 1/2 pound(s) hamburger
diced onion
grated cheese


Fry hamburger and drain. Open all cans but DO NOT drain liquid. Pour liquid into measuring cup and measure amount of liquid, adding more water to get the right amount of liquid called for to make the Hamburger Helper. Then add the spice packet and lasagna noodles. Cook for 10 minutes covered on slow boil. Slice the black olives in half and add those to the pot. Add corn and red beans. Cook covered for another 5-7 minutes. Make sure noodles are covered with liquid. Add the can of hot chili beans and stir into mixture. Cook on low until noodles are done. Serve plain or with shredded cheese and diced onions.

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