Canada Turns 150

Celebrate Canada Turning 150 with KOA
January 25, 2017

O Canada: the land of the maple leaf turns 150.

From Nunavut, the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world, to its most southern town of Kingsville, Canada is a massive country that is vastly different from one province to another. Each part of Canada has something different to offer its citizens as well as its visitors—this year in particular with the party it’s been planning to throw for years.

2017 marks our neighbor to the north’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, a.k.a. its 150th birthday. With a country so full of personality, this celebration is sure to be one for the books. A trip up north to partake in some of the festivities, as well as to indulge in some of the great outdoors of this stunning country, is an absolute must. But don’t wait too long to plan – the party has already begun!

New Year’s Eve was the launch of Canada’s year-long party celebrating the country’s confederation. With its kickoff in Ottawa-Gatineau (its Capital Region), Canada’s birthday party is off to a roaring start. With seasoned party planners and years of practice, the calendar of events for this celebration is sure to knock your wool socks right off. Below are our top picks for this year’s festivities.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


As the nation’s capital, Ottawa is definitely going to take the cake on its party planning abilities. Most of the festivities will take place on July 1 at Parliament Hill. From a massive street party, to world skating competitions, with concerts, wine, food, and more in between, Ottawa will be the party headquarters. Check out more of this city’s party plans over on its website.

Vancouver, Canada


With the second biggest Canada Day celebration (right behind Ottawa, above), Vancouver will be hosting its own variety of festivities. One of its key events will be the city’s 10-day First Nations’ festival – a combination of traditional and modern experiences that will allow attendees to see the multi-dimensional aspects of Canada. Another unusual yet interesting part of Vancouver’s celebration will be a citizenship ceremony where you can witness new Canadians gain citizenship to this maple-loving country.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Akin to some of the United States’ famed Wild West towns, Calgary, Alberta is Canada’s “cowboy city.” With a traditional powwow, street parties galore, and an expected turnout of over 300,000 people, Alberta’s Canadian birthday party is going to be nothing short of wild.

SESQUI’s Traveling Culture

A cinematic experience like no other, SESQUI will be traveling across the country to show Canadians what life is like on across their vast nation. This traveling dome will have 360-degree views of the country and will feature storytelling, learning programs, and online activities to get people excited about the possibilities in Canada’s bright future. To read more about this project, visit SESQUI’s website.

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Free National Park Entrance

Though all the above sounds amazing, honestly we are most excited about the fact that in celebration of its 150th anniversary, Canada is opening up the doors to its national parks completely free of charge. That’s right – for all of 2017, you will be able to take in all that Canada’s 47 national parks have to offer for free.

And it turns out we aren’t the only ones thrilled about this deal—when Parks Canada released the free passes online back in December, their website crashed due to traffic overload. The swarm of park-goers has settled down by now, so hop on to Parks Canada’s website to order your free pass.

With plans still being made for the yearlong celebration, more sesquicentennial events around the country are expected to be announced throughout the year. Wherever and however you choose to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, KOA has got you covered. With campgrounds all over Canada, we make it easy and hassle-free for you to celebrate the Canadian way. Sounds pretty great, eh?

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