Chuck’s RV Insurance Answers: Sprung a Leak

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August 13, 2012

Dear Chuck,

Last year, there was a nasty rainstorm on our camping vacation, and our RV sprung a leak after being hit by a falling branch, flooding us out. We took it to the nearest maintenance center for repairs, but they needed to keep it overnight to fix it. We ended up shackled with some unexpected hotel and travel costs. Anything we can do to avoid those costs?

Soaked and Stranded

Dear S and S,

I’m sorry to hear about your flooding! If you have Comprehensive and Collision coverage on your RV, your hotel, food and transportation costs will be covered for you and your family under Emergency Expense coverage.

As long as you are more than 50 miles away from your primary residence, Emergency Expense coverage will cover you up to $750 in temporary living and transportation expenses, as well as the cost of returning your RV should it become disabled.

Stay dry!
– Chuck

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Chuck Mozingo enjoys RVing with his wife, two kids and their dog Scout. They enjoy RVing locally in Cleveland, as well as heading north to Whittier, Alaska to their favorite spot, Williwaw Campground. When RVing, Chuck can’t live without his iPod, s’mores and family thumb war tournaments. When he’s not hitting the open road, Chuck is the RV Product Manager for Progressive Insurance, where he has worked for nearly 20 years.