Fall Photography Tips – What Creates the Color?

August 27, 2013

The pigment is there all the time but is hidden by the chlorophyll that makes the leaves green. As the weather changes, chlorophyll production stops, and the other colors are unmasked. Best weather conditions for the color are days that are bright and cool and nights that are chilly but not freezing. Adequate rainfall maintains the leaves on the trees.

Most striking reds are found on sugar and red maples, northern red oak, sumac, mountain ash, and tupelo. Yellow is found on birches, white ash, linden, maples, beech, aspens, and hickories. The season can last through November, depending on weather conditions and location.

This information was taken from an article written by Alice Zyetz, who has authored or co-authored several ebooks including “The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement.” It first appeared on roadtripamerica.com, and is published by KOA with full permission.