KOA Kampgrounds: An Office With a View

Camping Essentials
December 4, 2010

Tom Dale prefers an office with a view. A big view. A stunning view. A natural view.

A businessman from Fredericksburg, Virginia, Dale has traveled along the East Coast, staying at KOAs and working remotely from his kampsite. He initially chose kamping over hotel rooms for both business and travel because of allergies and chemical sensitivities. However, his “office with a view” quickly developed into more than just a place to sleep.

“I’ve gotten addicted to camping,” said Dale. “I can avoid the indoor pollution while often working remotely for my job from a beautiful, peaceful location. You can’t beat that.”

Dale is also a Value Kard Rewards member. He has earned nearly 250,000 points since signing up in 2007. “I do a lot of research before taking a trip and have planned trips based on where the KOAs are because I know I will have a quality stay,” he noted. “I took a long trip to New Mexico and up into Colorado and Idaho because I enjoy the mountains. But my family is from the flatlands, so I especially love the area where the plains meet the mountains—it has a rare beauty.”

Dale particularly remembers the Alamosa, Colorado KOA. At 7,500 feet, the San Luis Valley between the breathtaking San Juan and Sangre de Cristo Mountains is a high plain that resonated deeply with Dale—he yearns to escape the East Coast congestion.

“Alamosa was absolutely beautiful,” he said. “The clean air and peaceful location were perfect.”

And for Dale, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Are you saving your Value Kard Reward points for something special? Tell us and you may be featured in a future Kompass!

15 Responses

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  1. Summer

    Camping in lieu of renting a hotel is ultimately better in a multitude of ways. Kudos to Dale for doing his part. My family camps instead of renting a hotel every chance we get. You can’t beat the great outdoors and what Mother Nature has to offer!

    March 24, 20102:12 pm
  2. Ben Column

    How do I get my employer to buy into this idea???

    March 24, 20102:23 pm
  3. Judi Schreiner

    Does anyone know of any legitimate career from home (camper) that is out there, so I can enjoy my camper more? Judi

    March 24, 20103:14 pm
    • KOA

      Judi: At KOA, our work kampers play a big role in our being able to deliver excellent service to our guests. Check it out to see if it’s right for you, at http://workatkoa.com.

      March 24, 20103:56 pm
      • David & Lisa Ireland

        We were Workampers from 2003-2005, unfortunatly, we weren’t old enough to retire. We worked at Normandy Farms Campground in Foxboro, MA and Sun n Fun Resort in Sarasota, FL. It’s a great way to meet people and travel. One of our daughters who has the grandchildren lived in Long Island at the time, so we were able to visit with them quite a bit. Our other daughter lived in FL at the time. We are planning on returning to Workamping within the next few years. Where we look for work will depend on where our daughters are. Right now one is in FL, with the grandkids, the other lives in VA.

        We would highly recommend this lifestyle to anyone who loves to camp, it’s hard work, but there’s a lot of rewards to go along with it.

        April 9, 20109:59 am
  4. John Massengale

    Working or retired makes no difference, when traveling a kampground beats a motel every time. Where else can you have private suite and all the comforts of home rolled into one.

    March 24, 20103:22 pm
  5. Mary Heimerman

    We stayed in cabins at the Crescent City CA Redwoods Campground. Lovely. Could definitely get work done there on the porch! Now if they’d just do wi-fi internet like the hotel….

    March 24, 20103:26 pm
    • Wayne Hampel

      Many KOA’s do have Wi-Fi at most of their sites and Kabins.

      March 25, 20105:59 am
  6. Chuck Pegan

    My wife and I take our computer with us to connect with work and family. We have purchased a wireless system for less than $50 that allows us continual e-mail contact as needed. Mary, we use Verizon but there are others on the market. No more pulling up in front of the local library or bagel shop.Good luck!

    March 24, 20106:05 pm
  7. Chuck Pegan

    Mary, My wife and I take our computer with us to connect with family and work. We have purchased a wireless system for less than $50 that allows us continual e-mail contact as needed. Mary, we use Verizon but there are others on the market. No more pulling up in front of the local library or bagel shop. Good Luck!

    March 24, 20106:08 pm
  8. Marc Turcotte

    I also always bring my computer camping. Most of the KOA campgrounds we’ve been to all have wireless internet so keeping in touch with work WEB based email is a snap (not that I do much work while camping 😉 ) It may not always be the fastest connection, but who is in a rush while camping in the first place.

    I don’t get to go camping as often as I would like, but the laptop is now part of our regular gear that is brought with us just in case we just have to get connected; that way, a work deadline doesn’t have to interfear with a planned camping trip :-).

    Happy trails everyone.

    March 25, 20105:49 am
  9. Richard Hignett

    We plant to retire this year and hit the road, almost full time travelling all over North America . Internet? phone?TV? what is the best setup for all three or is their such a thing

    March 28, 201011:24 am
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  11. Burt Gibb

    hahah okay so this is just how stupid I am, halfway through reading your post I dropped my mouse and shut down the site by accident and I couldn’t find your site once again right up until 5 days later on to finish reading through from the point i stopped at since I did not remember how I linked to your web site in the first place lol anyway it was worth the wait..thanks 🙂

    June 10, 20107:10 am
  12. Morris

    I am a casual employee and I work from home, so as long as I have an internet connection, I am home, and can work, whether it be my home port,or my home on the road.

    Great job and great fun.

    February 9, 20129:12 am