(Herkimer) Diamonds Are This Girl’s Best Friend

December 4, 2010
“I’ve never won anything like this before.”

That was the reaction of KOA Kompass reader Debra Closurdo when she learned that her entry was randomly selected from the nearly 6,000 received for a Herkimer Diamond necklace. And it’s just one more reason that this Roseville, Michigan camper is definitely a KOA fan.

“We go all the time to the KOA in Port Huron, Michigan,” she said. “That’s our favorite one. It’s a really nice campground, with a railroad and engine that kids love to ride on. There’s also a path that leads out of the campground right onto a trail, so we love to take our tandem to head out for a ride.

This fall, she hopes to discover more KOA adventures, while traveling to Disneyworld.

“We plan on stopping at KOA’s along the way down to Florida, and as we travel back home,” she said. “We’ll come back along the East Coast, and we’re hoping to stop at some along the way. Maybe we’ll even get a chance to go to Herkimer.”

Thanks to Dr. Renee’ Scialdo Shevat and the team at the Herkimer, NY KOA for their generous donation. Not only will Debra Closurdo be receiving the necklace, she’ll also get a matching bracelet—bringing the total prize value to $1000. Go to KOA.com to learn more about the Herkimer KOA and plan your own visit soon!

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  • Jenny

    I wish I would have known about this! Gosh, what a beautiful giveaway. Is KOA going to be doing more giveaways in this?

  • BikerDude

    Love this idea! My wife is a big fan of Herkimer Diamonds. Hope this contest comes up again!

  • Tonya Coe

    Congrats to a fellow Michigander Neighbor! Love the PH KOA !! what a nice gift! looks beautiful Congrats!

  • Beverly Monell

    I knew I was a big fan of the Herkimer KOA for a reason! Enjoy the necklace. I will have to get mine the hard way this year. Hopefully, with Kamping there 3 times this year (2010) I will find enough to make a nice necklace.
    Hope they do this again! 🙂

  • Debora Kummer

    wow, i was kind of hoping I ‘d win that gorgeous necklace…oh well :0(

  • France Lapierre

    Dommage que votre site ne soit pas bilingue…

  • Charlotte Cook

    Congrats on your win. Maybe one of us will be lucky next time.

  • Chuck Qualley

    My wife and I spent a night at the Herkimer KOA years ago (she’s been gone 13 years now) on the way home to Colorado after our first trip to New England and we saw that there were diamonds there – we didn’t believe it and were more interested that my several-greats grandfather was born there. I’ve not been back, but maybe sometime?

  • Traci Tambussi

    Congradulations on the beautiful necklace, we camped there this past summer and were having such a wonderful time we stayed an extra night we can’t wait to go back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cathy

    LOVE the Herkimer KOA. So much to do there! We are from CA and my sister from NH met us there with her kids. Everyone, had a terrific time and my children have great memories of time spent with their “East Coast cousins”, looking for diamonds, floating the river, swimming, pancake breakfasts, etc., etc., etc.

  • Bruce Weber

    We stayed at Herkimer last fall and like the campground the best so far.
    It is also a real good to view the stars.
    My wife did the Herkimer mine thing.

  • Jennifer Guers

    My family and I spent a week at the Herkimer KOA. It was probably one of the best vacations we had. We came home with a cache of Herkimer Diamonds.

    • Dana

      Was it hard to find them?

  • Dawn Thorne

    Congrats on the necklace. I hope they do this again soon. I have been going to KOA campgrounds since I was a child and I love every minute of it!

  • patrick coleman

    Would love to play the game.
    and reserve KOA
    But, KOA.com and My MAC gets Me NOWHERE
    and I have points to spend.
    KOMPASS loves My MAC.