Kids Play

May 24, 2011

It’s hard to imagine that anyone could ever get bored when they’re enjoying all of the fresh air and sunshine that camping offers (not to mention the great amenities at your favorite KOA.) But why not prepare to head off any “I don’t have anything to do” comments by packing the supplies for these great kid-friendly crafts:

Twig Frame

Bring from home:

• Corrugated cardboard cut to 4.5” x6.5” (you can also use chipboard)
• Ribbon, twine or string
• White glue
• A camera

Collect at kampground:

• Four twigs—two approximately 7” long and two approximately 9” long*

Cut the corners of the cardboard or chipboard at a diagonal. Glue the twigs to the cardboard, starting with the shorter pieces and crossing them with the longer twigs. Allow to dry. Cut the ribbon, twine or string into four equal pieces. Wrap one piece of ribbon around each corner, then tie it into a bow. Secure with glue if necessary. Then head out and snap some great family photos, like playing in the pool, going on a walk through the campground or having fun on a hayride. When you get home, print out the picture and secure it to the frame with double-sided tape.


Leaf Prints

Bring from home:

• Colored construction paper

Collect at campground:

• Interesting leaves, rocks and twigs*

Place the leaves, rocks and twigs on colored construction paper and place it in the sun. (You may need to use folded tape to secure the items if there’s a breeze blowing.) Allow to sit for 24 hours. Remove the items and voila! Great outlines of them will appear on the paper.

Souvenir Tee-Shirts

Bring from home:

• Foam paint brushes or sponges
• Fabric paint (several colors)
• Paper or plastic plates
• Newspaper or cardboard
• Plain tee-shirts for decorating

Collect at campground:

• Leaves*, pine cones, twigs, etc.

Create artist palettes from the paper or plastic plates, placing one or two of the paint colors on each. Place newspaper or cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the paint from soaking through.

Using a brush or sponge, paint the back of a leaf or twig then carefully place it onto the tee-shirt. Repeat with additional leaves, pine cones or other items to create a pattern or design. Add a name, date and place. Lay flat to dry. (If you want to do a double-sided shirt, wait for one side to dry before beginning the second side.)

*Always use twigs, leaves, etc. that have fallen on to the ground—don’t break them from the trees.

  • Maddie

    The leaf print idea sounds kind of neat. Has anyone else tried this? Do you have to have a special kind of construction paper or just the stuff from like Hobby Lobby?

    • Linda D White

      Yep! that will work … tape edges of plastic pane same size as paper and use it to hold down leaves and create border at the same time! Save in MemoryBook out of light otherwise it will continue to lose color. This is fun!

  • Arminda


    Any kind of Construction paper will do. As a matter of fact the cheaper the better because the sun will faid the color and that is what makes it so cool to do.

  • Ruth

    Thanks for the ideas. Taking the Grands camping soon and these activities will be great.

  • Tina Slokan

    I try to put a scavenger hunt together that makes the kids get familiar with the campground AND out of our way while we are setting up. It might say how much is milk at the KOA store? or how many chairs are at the pool….how many stalls are in the bathroom…which campsite has any Ravens stuff up? Which campsite number has a yellow tent…bring back a leaf or a flat rock…..the kids that are new immediately get a quick tour of the campground as they are looking for these things (and then we know how much milk is too!)

  • Thomas S.

    I love the scavenger hunt idea, thank you so much. I usually just give the kids a walkie-talkie and tell them I’ll call them back after I have things set up. It just goes to show you what I always say is true…if you pay attention, you learn something new every day!

  • Debie Sivertsen

    Our favorite activity is making post cards with Rubber stamps……I have stamps of tents, motorhomes, trees, criiters and my favorite stamp, 2 kids sitting around a campfire roasting marshmellos…..We usually keep the post cards instead of sending them…lol,

  • Granjoey

    We take craft paint and brushes along and our grandkids love finding rocks/creek pebbles etc and paint them. They look for look for ones that remind them of something and paint them–we ladybugs/pickle/heart etc.