KOA Cabins: Your Home Away from Home

April 3, 2012

Imagine your next getaway in a cabin under the stars.
The perfect place to come home to after a day of campground fun.

Deluxe Cabins offer everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing escape. Everything you need, all in one place.Are you a tent camper who wants a weekend away, but you’re a little nervous about spring nights under the stars being a bit too chilly? Do you own an RV but don’t want to get it road ready quite yet? Or maybe you’ve always stayed in hotels for your business trips or family outings but are looking for something new?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you: a stay in a KOA Cabin.

Cabins allow you to enjoy everything that a campground offers, like fresh air, sunshine and crackling campfires. At the same time, you can have the convenience (and warmth) of sleeping indoors.

There are a number of different options available, with one sure to meet your needs:

Deluxe Cabins
These homes away from home include bedrooms, a private bath and kitchen area. Available in many configurations, they are all heated and air-conditioned, and some even come complete with linen service, televisions and more. Whether you’re visiting us for work or for pleasure, you’ll enjoy the many comforts and conveniences they offer.

For an experience that hearkens back to summer camp (without the magic marker mustaches) book one of our basic cabins. You can pull your car or motorcycle right up to them, unroll your sleeping bag on the comfy beds and settle in for a quiet night’s rest.

Unique Accommodations
To add even more fun to your next stay, consider staying in one of the unique accommodations which may be found at your favorite KOA. From teepees to train cars and tree houses, you never know what you’re going to find.

Wondering which of these accommodation options are available at your favorite campground or at KOAs along your route? Visit your favorite campground’s page at KOA.com

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  1. Lee Leiss

    Why can’t you post your rates for your cabins. This site is not very user friendly. What the he** is it . . a secret . . your cabin rates. Why can’t you put the rates right up front. And why do I end up getting a ceiling fan page. Why do you people do this sh**. It is so darn irritating. Sell your stuff, and let the other a*****les (fans) sell their own !!

    Lee Leiss at KDIX leel@*********

    P.S. Won’t visit this site again because you waist your time and I don’t have time to waist !!

    April 5, 20123:01 pmReply
    • VIC

      The cabin rates are available at each individual KOA site. They vary greatly by location.

      April 5, 20125:34 pmReply
      • p porter

        Looks like Lee Leiss didn’t have any time to WASTE on spelling either! And we all know that someone who uses curse words just isn’t taking the time to find the RIGHT word – probably doesn’t want to WASTE time THINKING! My family totally enjoys the Kabins, we use them very often, and have had a wonderful time, every time!

        April 5, 20127:09 pm
      • Joe

        The cabins are nice when they were priced under $40 since its camping under a roof and they dont include sheets or anything else. But recently they are more then hotel rooms, i guess they are priced for the enthusiast and not the comparable value.

        April 5, 20127:12 pm
      • James

        Damn! Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I don’t think I would want a foul mouthed punk like you on a campground anyway. Can anyone say Jason Vorhees? Give mister or miss no time a machete and stand back. i can read the headlines now,” Maniac dismembers everyone at local KOA because they did not have the time to look up the rates on the website” go chill out and have a shot and a beer! Or do you not have time? PUNK!

        April 6, 20125:54 am
    • Amy Irwin

      Hi Lee,

      You seem to be experiencing some difficulties accessing the pricing. You will not find it at this website. This is the web address to the main site http://koa.com/
      You will need to choose a site under the find a location option. Once you choose a location on the upper right side of the page will be a box called “reserve now or check rates”, fill out the information and choose next step. The web page will then show the locations available options and will provide information such as number of people and floor plans; ithere is also an estimated base pay for my stay, this will provide you with the rate of the unit at your chosen KOA. Prices vary from each park which is why you must choose your location. I hope this information helps.

      I would suggest using a different approach in the future to ask your question.
      Have a better day. Happy Kamping!

      April 7, 201211:46 pmReply
    • Nettie

      I hate to lower myself to say this BUT Lee needs an enema, spelling lession, and an acceptable vocabulary lession.
      Lee please do not visit any KOAs in NC. We do not want hostile, foul mouthed people there. Thank you

      April 8, 20129:20 amReply
      • Nettie

        PS LESSON was intentionally misspellled as a joke

        April 8, 20129:32 am
    • andrea

      There is no need for that fowl language. all you had to do was pick up the phone and they would have helped you. You also need some spelling classes.

      April 9, 20127:30 amReply
  2. Lee Leiss

    Why do you even have a KOMPASS deal when you don’t answer any questions? I asked the question about what your cabin rates where, and it gave me a bunch of other bull****.

    What’s with your people. You ought to just cancell your web page because it’s worthless !1

    April 5, 20123:05 pmReply
    • Jenn, a fellow camper

      As I am sure you are aware….you have a choice in your buying. It seems as though the product/services being offered by KOA do not meet your needs. Instead of trying to force the round peg into the square hole, just camp somewhere else. Your anger and frustration is misdirected and not aligned with the experiences provided at KOA. KOA is a family recreation: You seem to be not more of a fit for the environment than the environment seems to be for you! Happy Camping….and I truly hope you find a campground that meets your needs.

      April 6, 20126:53 amReply
  3. Melissa Hunt

    The best thing I ever did for my girl scouts! When I had a Brownie Troop and they wanted to go to camp, I decided to take them to KOA Cabins first, just outside of town. We did projects, cooked out and best of all we were near their parents,(just in case) and one Just In Case did happen. One girl got scared, never being away overnight before, the parents came and got her, and by the time we went to GS camp, 3 hours away, she was terrific. We all had great fun, hiked, swam, and still got the camp experience. Thanks KOA, you helped Girl Scouts overcome fear of being away from home!!!

    April 5, 20123:10 pmReply
  4. Robin Lamont

    We had the most wonderful time. The cabins were perfect and the service was great. The pool area and bathrooms were clean which is a big plus. We will definately be traveling KOA style again soon.

    April 5, 20123:33 pmReply
  5. Pam Parker

    These are the best deal ever! They vary by site so if you are interested in a specific site, just put in some random dates and you will get the rates; nothing to get all wound up about. When I stayed in Flagstaff last Memorial Day, they even had cute Teepees. My sister and I are going to Charleston for my son’s graduation in May and staying in a beautiful Kabin by the lake for one-third the rate of the hotels in town. Win winl.

    April 5, 20123:40 pmReply
  6. Diane Langdon

    We have stayed in cabins all over the U.S. What a wonderful experience. They are different prices at each park, but hey… all of them are way less expensive than hotel rooms in the same area. And, we can cook out and sit in the wonderful outdoors. Thanks for having cabins for those of us that don’t own RVs but still want to camp.

    April 5, 20123:56 pmReply
    • kellie muller

      i have been staying at KOAs since about 1990. my husband and three kids ages 10, 18, and 20 (at the moment) have stayed in Kabins from Maine to Virginia. Our favorite one is in Cherokee NC. this was a deluxe Kabin w/ BR,K, TV and a view of the river from our porch. I also take my kids to Woodstock NY every Mother’s Day weekend and they bring friends. this usually coinsides w/ the cancer care weekend and we have a great time. even though my oldest are now in college they still want to go this (their 7th) year. i love reding other people’s comments.

      April 12, 201212:49 pmReply
  7. Elaine Green

    I’ve stayed at a many KOA Kamping Kabin, whether it was for a vacation or for business. (I have no problem leaving a Kamping Kabin with a 3 piece business suit on.) I have been thoroughly satisfied with each stay, no matter if it was in the VA Mountains, Maine, FLA, or the VA coast. I feel safe at a KOA, they have clean Kampsites, clean rest rooms, friendly hosts and hostesses and you can’t beat the pancake breakfasts.
    Thanks for being there.

    April 5, 20124:35 pmReply
  8. DogParksUSA

    Amazingly enough, not one of your cabins permit dog guests, even though all of your campsites do. I am a longtime KOA member who has stayed in the KOA campgrounds with my dogs in my travel trailer — I just sold my trailer so I can buy a motorhome next year but still wanted to stay at KOA campgrounds with my dogs, this time in your cabins. I cannot find a single campground that permits dogs in the cabins. KOA needs to re-examine its policy with regards to dog sin the cabins. My membership will be a waste of money this year as a result, so I am going to cancel it since I can’t use it. Please reconsider your pet policy. Thanks, KOA.

    April 5, 20124:56 pmReply
    • amy becke

      I have stayed at more than a dozen KOA cabins in the last year and ALL of them permitted dogs. As a matter of fact, many of the sites had dedicated dog play areas (the best one was in Marion, AR – it was immaculate)

      April 5, 20126:16 pmReply
    • Mike Maxson

      The basic cabins at the Petoskey, MI campground do allow pets.

      April 5, 20127:12 pmReply
    • Ghoulie

      My wife and I relocated from Ohio to Nevada five years ago. At that time we were traveling with our little dog. We stopped at a KOA in Indiana. on the lower side of Indianapolis..and spent the night in a KOA Kabin… there was a very minimal charge for the dog..but other than that there was no problem..but as I said..that was five years ago..things change…

      April 5, 20127:48 pmReply
    • Barb Merritt

      There are some cabins that allow dogs I believe it is up to the individual owners. If you are looking in a particular area you might want to contact an owner directly many of the KOA owners have gone out of their way to help me over the years.

      April 5, 20128:10 pmReply
    • Ru Grant

      I don’t know where this person has tried to stay. We travel with our dog, do not own an RV or travel trailer. Ever KOA we have stayed at have had cabins where dogs are permitted. They are the basic cabin and it depends on whether one is available; however, we have never been turned away. I believe the number of cabins designated for animals is small, but understand the reasoning, as some people are allergic to animals.

      April 8, 20128:52 amReply
      • Lea Moore

        When my family camps we bring our four mini-dachshunds and have camped at KOA in cabins with them. They have like a $10 dollar charge and all they aask is you not leave your dog unsupervised. I am almost positive it would be harder to stay in a hotel with four dogs than a KOA. Plus the dogs love the campgrounds, people are so friendly and they love all the attention that comes with four mini-dachshunds. If you are in the NC area you could try Asheville East and Asheville West KOA’s both were wonderful to our family and fur-family.

        April 11, 201210:24 pm
  9. Joan Olsson

    Enjoyed checking out this page. Someday we’re going to stay in one of these cool cabins. Just an aside: Lee Leiss needs to upgrade his/her vocabulary and spelling.

    April 5, 20125:03 pmReply

    We love KOA.. THe breakfast in the mornings and the ladies who cook and gentlemen who help.. always family friendly willing to have a smile and serve us well…When I think of cvamping I think of KOA , smelling bacon pancakes and friends…

    April 5, 20125:16 pmReply
  11. David Holt

    My wife and I have stayed at several KOA Cabins while on vacation and have always been satisfied. Eventhough we own an RV and a couple of cabin tents, we often stay in a KOA Cabin when we go on a spur of the moment trip. They are always clean, and they sure beat a tent when the weather is bad. We prefer to stay at KOAs whenever we camp. The restrooms and campgrounds are always clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work!

    April 5, 20125:25 pmReply
    • David Osaduke

      Couldn’t agree more. Have travelled North America by tent, van and Kamping Kabin since 1985. KOA is a successful franchise because it works hard at meeting the ever-changing needs of people who like to camp … knowing that there are many who try camping once but find it’s just not their style of entertainment or living (for a vacation). I’m not interested in lying on a blanket, by an open fire, with fir boughs for my pillow and falling to sleep; then waking up to go to the washroom in the bush (no toilet paper, in hand) just as the fire hisses with falling raindrops that signal the start of a storm (no Weather Channel). KOA eliminates the hassle even if I am without electronics.

      April 5, 20128:29 pmReply
  12. Antoine Beaupre

    Last summer my wife and I spent 4 days in a Camping Cabin while visiting in Thunder Bay.It was fantastic and will do it again this summer.

    April 5, 20125:29 pmReply
  13. amy becke

    I traveled cross-country and back last autumn with my two dogs – staying in KOA cabins at every stop. The cabins were clean and facilities tidy at all but one location (Toledo, OH – Stony Ridge). I recommend the cabins as a convenient and safe alternative to pricier hotels — especially if you’re traveling with pets.

    April 5, 20126:13 pmReply
  14. Cheryl Adrean

    Actually, some cabins do allow dogs. We have camped with my dog at both Saco and Freeport, Maine and enjoyed the cabin and the trails available on the properies’ perimeters. But I would suggest that you inquire ahead of time as to the deposit that some campgrounds are now requiring from pet emcumbered campers. While supposedly designed to pay for the flea “bomb” that they disinfect the cabins with’after a dog has stayed, the deposit is so high at Saco that the cabin’s entire bedding structure could be rebuilt should your dog chew on it. It is a refundable deposit, but large – so ask first.

    April 5, 20126:32 pmReply
  15. Jamie Pope

    I love to tent camp but, my daughter does not care for it. So, I decided to try out the KOA Kabins and we love them!!! She feels much safer with being in a cabin with a lock at night. I guess I can understand where she is coming from. As for the comments left about the prices not being published on this site they are on each individual KOA website because they all differ. Also, those bringing dogs most of the KOAs allow dogs in their cabin with an additional charge.

    April 5, 20126:41 pmReply
  16. Listina

    Wow! people are so impatient (Lee Leis) I got on here and found the prices for a cabin in less than 5 minutes.I guess you have to have a brain to navigate this web site:)

    April 5, 20126:58 pmReply
  17. ladybug indiana

    I agree about allowing dogs in cabins..make a few cabins dog friendly–they are “our family” As far as the language use by one of your shared comments, that could have beensaid nicely without the ugly language. Yes, different KOA’s have different prices.

    April 5, 20127:03 pmReply
  18. Hilary

    My parents and I stayed in a cottage last week and had a blast. Our cottage was right on the water and we had a front row view on the sunrise. Mom and I went canoeing and dad enjoyed sitting on the front porch swing and watching the ducks as they paraded across the banks (one even came right up on the porch).

    April 5, 20127:42 pmReply
  19. al from va

    I have a reservation at the Virginia Beach KOA, in a cottage, with our family dog. We have stayed at our local KOA (just for a quick getaway) in a cabin, with our dog several times. We really enjoy staying at the KOA…always clean, very friendly people, fresh air, campfires and great times! We LOVE staying at the KOA!

    April 5, 20127:47 pmReply
  20. rachael

    we r lookin forward to this summer and my husband is a cyclist and KOA is the place to stay last year was fun, enjoyed, stayin with them would recommand to others. Thank you KOA .

    April 5, 20129:14 pmReply
  21. Robert

    Our family had a wonderful time traveling several states, and stopping at the KOA’S along the way. My grand daughter learned how to swim at the koa swimming pools. I have not tried to usse the cabins yet, but it’s on our bucket list.

    April 6, 20128:36 amReply
  22. Robert

    Our family had a wonderful time traveling several states, and stopping at the KOA’S along the way. My grand daughter learned how to swim at the koa swimming pools. I have not tried to use the cabins yet, but it’s on our bucket list.

    April 6, 20128:37 amReply
  23. Bill Roe

    I found out that KOA Kabins are useally 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of most motels, except in certain areas of CA. My favorite is just 15 miles North of Albuquerque, NM @ Bernalillo NM….My second favorite is Near Dollywood in Sieverville TN.. But at times We found we can get a better rate with the coupon book you get at rest areas[.Motels}

    April 6, 201210:02 amReply
  24. Deb

    We have been staying at KOA whenever we travel since 1984 and love them. I find it quick and easy to find the location and prices I want and am not sure why anyone would have a problem. However, patience is a virtue. Whether we had a tent or our RV and even when we didn’t have either we have had great experiences at KOA. In fact this year we are flying clear across Canada and taking a bag with linens etc. so we can stay in cabins in the Maritimes. Can’t wait!

    April 6, 201210:08 amReply
  25. Marcia

    We stayed at a KOA in Tallahassee. FL last year. We had a fabulous time. They did allow our dogs in the cabin and no extra charge. The cabin was clean and so were the bathrooms. The staff was very friendly and hospitable. They had a wonderful hot breakfast and afternoon snacks. We will be sure to stay there again.

    April 6, 201210:10 amReply
  26. Douglas Bryan

    That Lee guy was probably voted, “Most likely to come to school with a bomb strapped to his chest.”

    April 6, 201210:11 amReply
  27. Eleanor Kozlowski

    I applyed for the KOA card and paid for it on one of my reservations. When asking for other reservations I am asked for my number but I have not received a number. How soon will my card arive?

    April 6, 201210:40 amReply
  28. Jan

    I hear the KOA in Port Huron is the BEST at Halloween time. (It is a wonderful place any weekend/week!) – been there many times —–BUT your registration is not open yet there to sign up for our favorite tent site in October…Will you get back to me ASAP

    April 6, 201210:45 amReply
  29. Melanie

    My 5 Grand Daughters love to camp, but they are really not ready for the Tent Camping that Grandma enjoys. We have found the perfect solution to this issue. KOA Cabins. Even the one room cabins work for us, we still get the outdoor cooking and living, but the younger girls still get to sleep inside. Not to mention the pools and other activities that are available at most KOA’s. You can stay for one night or a couple of nights…I especially like the KOA at Sweetwater Tennessee

    April 6, 201212:31 pmReply
  30. Lorrie

    I used to love staying in the KOA cabins, but it seems like the price for a cabin now is too much, and so we have opted to stay at the nicer hotels, for just a few dollars more. It’s too bad, that KOA had to raise their prices on their cabins, I mean you still have to pack sheets, towels, etc. It’s just a glorified tent!!!

    April 6, 20121:02 pmReply
  31. Tony B.

    The misses and I have tent camped all over the southwest for the past few years and on a trip to the Grand Canyon last year we wanted to try one of the KOA cabins. It was mid September and in the desert it gets cold at that altitude so we reserved the basic cabin which had a double bed and a bunk bed to store all our gear on. The KOA was perfectly located between Williams, the Grand Canyon and Kibab National Forest. The restrooms and clubhouse were the cleanest I have ever seen at a camp ground and they had a great swimming pool and play area for the kids. The only bad thing about allowing the dogs in the cabins is when the owners leave them for the day and they bark and howl ruining the quiet for the rest of us. Thanks KOA and keep up the great customer service you have become known for.

    April 6, 20122:33 pmReply
  32. Jim Ronk

    I travel by motorcycle and the cabins are the way to go. Not only do I get to park
    At the door I get to get out and meet a lot of very interesting people. Beats sitting in a hotel room. My cabin in Nashville this week had a flat screen. So I’m
    sold on the cabins and the atmosphere of KOA.
    P S : I hope Lee Leiss never gets the cabin next to me !!

    April 6, 20125:28 pmReply
  33. Ray Brooks

    I’ve been enjoying Kamping Kabins for several years. I used to do a lot of tent camping at KOA, but after I got introduced to the Kabins at the San Antonio KOA, I became spoiled on the Kabins. I find that most KOA Kabins are cheaper than local hotels, and I prefer the Kampground experience anyway. The amenities of the Kabin vary among KOA’s, but all of them include at least a bed, a bunkbed, and a table shelf. There are electrical outlets inside, and a water spicket outside. A/C and heat are standard too. I highly recommend Kamping Kabins at KOA.

    April 7, 201210:41 amReply
  34. Iowan

    My husband and I have stayed in KOAs in California, Illinois, Indiana, Texas and many other states. We always travel with our dogs and always stay in kabins. We have not yet ran into a KOA that didn’t allow pets in the basic kabins. It is true they do not generally allow dogs in the upgraded kabins.
    We love KOAs. They are always safe, clean, affordable, and fun. In fact, when we travel we plan our trips around which KOAs we can stay at. (They are everywhere!)
    And I hope I never kamp by that psycho above.

    April 7, 201212:14 pmReply
  35. annemarie

    I have to admit, I have kept reading to the bottom to see all the comments about our friend Lee Leiss. I was in for a good laugh today!
    Last summer I drove down the east coast tent camping. By the time I arrived down in Loxahatchee, FL. (from Rhode Island) I was ready to give up camping forever due to the terrible weather. I have been camping for the last 45 years of my life and am having a sad time giving it up. We stayed in Capitol KOA (as well as a few over nighters along the way) near DC and had a great experience. But seriously, After reading all the comments I am very eager to give cabin camping a try I am just getting to old for tent camping. Thanks for the input.

    April 7, 20128:22 pmReply
  36. Rebecca from AZ

    Many do allow dogs and at either a nomimal price ($5.00 per pet is VERY reasonable) or free. West Yellowstone, Jackson Wyoming, Petrified Forest Arizona and Durango Colorado are the few I have personally stayed at in the past few yeas with my 2 dogs. I am respectful and clean up after my dogs, which not all owners do, but I appreciate any KOA which allows my dogs to stay in the cabin with me and plan ahead for future return visits. I am especially fond of the folks at Petrified Forest with their breakfast and steak dinners for kampers.

    April 7, 20128:48 pmReply
  37. Kurt Meier

    My son and I stayed in a kabin we loved it the swing,the fire ring,the river out back the the ducks talking to fellow campers I would say priceless but they might raise their rates.lol we will stay again thanks restroom very clean

    April 7, 20129:36 pmReply
  38. Becky Wills

    My daughters and I have been staying in KOA Cabins for over 20 years! It’s a great solution to “safe” camping and clean restrooms! I have stayed in over 10 different states and have only been dissappointed one time in 20 years! Most of the time, if you stay in a cabin, the rates are lower than the hotels in the area! They are always very accommodating and kid friendly! We always stay in KOA cabins on vacation and we plan our trips to Colorado, New Mexico and Texas around KOA’s with cabins!

    April 9, 201210:58 amReply
  39. HOA Guy

    Mrs. HOA Guy (aka HOA Gal) and I have stayed in some of the cabins, have enjoyed it a lot! Sometimes we take the truck and the pop-up camper, but other times we like to take the small car, fold down the rear seats and stuff it with camping gear and not worry about a lot of set-up. When using the trailer, we typically take an electric heater along so we don’t have to use our propane for heating.

    April 10, 20121:50 pmReply
  40. gwade

    I am not really a camping person, but at the suggestion of a friend, I tried the “Kozy Kottages” to save money. We stayed in Moab, UT and it was great. Had we stayed in a more humid climate, however, I would have had to have the AC on all night and I can’t sleep with noisy air conditioners. I was able to open the windows and the cool breeze was just right at night.
    In Nebraska, however, I rented the deluxe cabin and was glad I did. It was so humid that the AC was needed all night. The cottages/cabins are a nice way to get reacquainted with the KOA’s.
    A tip I learned from experience — I would call the KOA before arrival and ask what the store offers. Some offer free coffee, some don’t. The one in Moab, UT had a microwave for our use. These details make a big difference!

    April 20, 20125:59 pmReply
  41. kathi seger

    Went for the day to the KOA in St Pete Florida and loved it so much we put in a reservation fo five days in June. Very excited to go with my family and extended family. Only downfall is dogs are permitted in smaller Kabins (we got a larger one) for a $50.00 n0n refundable deposit..seemed. high for bringing our dog so she will have to stay home.

    April 30, 20125:16 pmReply
  42. roland mourning sr.

    I like all that I have seen,and I would like to know more about the pricing or the rental of the camp sites,and also the rental of the cabins.

    April 30, 201211:58 pmReply

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