Make It Mine, All Mine

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July 19, 2010


There are some jaw-dropping, wow-worthy motorhomes out there. Beautiful colors, awesome paint jobs and matching pull-behind vehicles are just a few of the features of these camp-in-comfort coaches boast.

But when’s the last time you saw one totally decked out like a beer can, a shrine to the Grateful Dead or a cool camo hideaway?

“Our teardrop trailers are customizable in a way that motorhomes and fifth wheels never will be,” said Chris Baum, Chief Operating Officer of Little Guy Trailers. “It allows people to be creative and make it their own. You can see someone’s personality just by looking at what they’re pulling behind their car.”

Baum estimated that there are approximately 50 different teardrop trailer organizations in operation, bringing together enthusiasts from around the globe.

“Teardrop owners really feel—and we agree with them–that they’re part of a cool club,” Baum said. “They love their trailers, they love to have fun with them, and they want to talk to each other about them.”

In fact, Baum said that the company receives photos, videos and emails almost daily from customers who want to share what they’ve done with their trailers and where they’ve taken them.


“People are excited, and they’re having fun,” he said. “We’re glad that they want to share that with us. We like to see what they’ve done with their trailers—and learn what they’ll be doing next.”

Perhaps one of their customers, “Paul L.” from Kansas, summed it up best.

“I’m sure the Federal Govt. [sic] will soon want you to add a warning sticker to the ‘Little Guy’,” he wrote. “ Something like this: WARNING– PASSING DRIVERS MAY RECEIVE SEVERE BACKLASH AND NECK PAIN WHEN RUBBER-NECKING AS THEY PASS YOUR LITTLE GUY.”

And If you’re ready to purchase your own Little Guy trailer, remember that KOA Value Kard Rewards members save an additional $200, plus 10% off the cost of all accessories. Find out more here.

  • Joyce

    We saw one of these trailers at a KOA last week. They are the cutest things on wheels! I hope I win!

  • Campergirl

    So small! Seems like a single person or maybe a close couple would be the only ones to be able to use this tiny thing! Is it just to cook in? I’d perfer a cabinette.

    • Chuck Habib

      Hi Campergirl,
      My teardrop is only 4’wide, yet two people can fit comfortably in the cabin for sleeping. The clothes compartment is toward the back of the cabin and even in my 4′-wide teardrop there’s enough room for a weeks change of clothes. Lifting the back hatch exposes the galley where full meals can be prepared. You’ve got to see one to believe.

  • Sandra Dee Messier

    I’ve never seen one! Time for me to win one 🙂

  • Chris Wohlers

    The tear drop trailers look good. I would love to win one. My KOA value card number is C69.

  • Brian

    I loved seeing travel channel doing a special on pop-ups one day.

    One guy says when people ask about it he says, “yeah, we’ve got everything, a bed, cabinets, a bathroom.”

    When the respond “WHAT!?” He takes down the large coffee can he has on the shelf.

    The wife very quickly adds “That we don’t actually use!” 🙂

  • Richard Wescom

    My dad built a tear drop trailer back in 1953.
    And lived in it while working away from home.

  • Anna

    oooo their so cute! My family would have so much fun in that!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!!! YEAHOOOOOO

  • Lance Brand

    I think this tear drop would be great for my son and I to use on weekends out together or maybe for my wife and I to some short weekend trips together. I hope I win and have the opportunity to enjoy it, I think would be fun!

  • Chuck Habib

    Purchased a 4-Wide Retro Little Guy teardrop earlier this year. Best move I’ve done in a long time. I pull it with a 2007 Honda CR-V. The teardrop tracks great.

    Most cars these days will lose 1-2% of gas mileage per 100 lbs added to the car. My CR-V does just that. I usually get 30 mpg highway w/o the teardrop. At 660lbs added I get approx 26mpg highway pulling my teardrop.

    Have camped at CA state parks this year and ALWAYS get people asking do you fit in the cabin?, how does it sleep?, where do I keep my clothes?, you actually cook in back? etc. Planning a Sept. trip now from CA to WY then down to AZ and back so expect to get more questions along the way.

    Have modified the galley (added shelves) and now adding a bumper to the back end… a front bumper from a ’63 VW Bug just to make it mine, all mine. Also added curtains and another clothes compartment door for easy clothing access.

    Wave as you drive by!

    • Linda Lee

      Hello from the toasty state of AZ. What part are you traveling to?

  • joni terry

    Own a 37 ft. Motor Home, don’t think i could get use to the little toy.
    But sure would be fun trying.
    It looks so cute, hope to win it.

    • Al Pfingstl

      You could tow it behind your 37 footer for the kids or grandkids.

  • Nancy Hughes

    I think I would love dressing it up and taking it out on the road to show it off. Started out camping in a tent with husband and five kids in 1970. Have progressed from there to a small trailer, larger pop up, to a 32′ motorhome. Am alone now and this little guy would be ideal and a lot of fun. Hope I winl.

    • Linda Lee

      Do you still have the motorhome?

  • Jo Meloy

    I would love to have a teardrop trailer ! It seems like a whole lot of bang for the buck and I dont even have to own a truck.
    Not to mention, I could pick up our entire scout troop, cookie sales with it and distribute to each girls house rather than sort and store at my home until parents can pick up 😉

  • Jack Ryan

    I have a Little Guy R/T. (Reverse Teardrop) I bought it last year and I have been using it about twice a month since I got it. I did take a small break last winter. It is a great little camper. It is one of only two made because it is a 4’x8’style and they only made the two of them. The normal R/T’s are 5′ wide. I have been hauling it all over the mountainsin East Tennessee and getting ready to go to the Shenondoah Valley. I tow it with a Kiwi green Honda Element. I have since customized my R/T with the same color paint ball splocthes on the front so it makes it look the paint is coming off my car onto the trailer. I never thought when I bought mine that it would draw so much attention to it. I get stopped everywhere I go to and get asked a lot of questions and get to show it off. I wish I could post a picture. Good luck to all of you.

  • Linda

    I NEED this camper – now that it is just the husband and I we are down sizing everything in our life and plan on camping for a year all across the country.

  • Amy

    I have the Little Guy Rascal that I pull with my Scion xB! Love it. Mine is a combo cargo trailer so no galley and no cabinets and my own version of mattress, but it is perfect for me and my pups!

    • Kay

      I just bought an xB but the book says not to tow anything with it. How are you doing that? Thx

  • ReNae

    Looks like a great tag along for the kids and/or grandkids. Want it!!!


    I would love to win this trailer although I suspect it just might be little to much to tow with my Motorcycle. But then again maybe not I need to check it out. The bike is very powerful for a bike.

  • Johna

    Camping is a way of relaxing and getting away from it all for me. The teardrop trailer would be perfect for the single woman just needing a little “staycation.” {:-)

  • kenneth milwood

    I am now 73 and love camping we go with our daughter and husband in their camper but would love to win this camper then we could go by ourselves I love the little campers,

  • Bill

    Have a 40′ motorhome, but have been looking at the teardrop for use on short overnighters and a a second bedroom when we travel with family.

    love to win it.

  • Al Pfingstl

    This is our second Teardrop camper, upgrading from a 5′ x 8′ Little Guy to a 5′ x 10′ Silver Shadow. Main difference is the galley area, now offering more room for staorage and cooking. Inside the cabin is also longer also offering more storage cabinets at the head of the bed AND underneath the bed. There is plenty of room on the queen sized matress for my wife, dog & self for a good nights sleep, instead of on a cot in a tent. While I could tow the Little Guy with my Honda Element I know need the Jeep Wrangler to pull the Silver Shadow. With either I never had any concerns / problems towing and felt like it was never there. Its all a matter of preferences and needs when you go camping. Can you or can’t you leave society behind when you try to relax and unwind?

  • john amend