New in RVs for 2013: An Insider’s Look

February 11, 2013

Thinking about buying a rig for the first time or upgrading to something newer this year? Our friends at Keystone RV Company — the #1 manufacturer of recreational vehicles in North America — give us a tour of how to buy, what to buy and when to buy an RV in 2013.

What are some of the most important things to be thinking about as someone who’s beginning their search for the right RV to purchase?

Here are three important things to consider:

1. What type of RV do you want?

First, decide whether you want a motor in your RV or something you can pull behind your truck or SUV, like the towables Keystone makes. Each has its own benefits.

Motorized: While someone else is driving, you can go in the back and relax — even deciding to take a nap if you like. A drawback of motorized is that they’re more expensive and you usually have to tow a car, as you can’t always take the motor home into towns and cities.

Towable: While you can’t walk into the back while driving, towables usually have more space because you don’t need room for the dashboard, steering wheel, etc. Towables are less expensive and generally sleep more because the entire vehicle is living area. You can also drop off the towable in the RV park and easily go into town.

2. How much space do you need?

Some great questions to ask yourself regarding how big to buy, include: How many people do you intend to sleep on a regular basis? How much space do you need to feel comfortable and “at home?”

3. What’s your budget?

Once you decide what type of RV you want and how much space feels good, the next question is how much do you want to spend. At Keystone, a top-end fifth wheel (40 feet in length) sleeps 6-8 people for the same price as an entry-level gas motor home.

Describe the person whose life would be enhanced by owning an RV.

Anyone who loves traveling and the outdoors will appreciate the convenience and freedom of having their own RV. Young couples with no commitments who enjoy exploring inexpensively can use an RV to take off for 3 days for a fun getaway. For families with children, it’s always an adventure. People who are older can travel for months and see the country. And for those with pets, RVs are wonderful — because you don’t have to board them, take them on a plane or find a hotel that’s pet friendly.

Where’s the best place to go to see the latest and greatest in RVs?

This time of year, there are hundreds of RV shows all across the USA and Canada. If you want to get out and do some research all under one roof with low-cost admission, RV shows are great fun. Keystone has a calendar of RV shows posted here. In addition, contains floorplans, specs, photos and videos of over 25 makes of RVs including travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers.

Tell us about some of the hot trends in RVs right now.

Here are three of the biggest trends right now in RVing.

1. Glamping: It’s camping without quite roughing it. The biggest differences between what trailers used to be and what they are now is that they’re much more stylish, comfortable and convenient — across all price ranges. You can glamp inside your own $15,000 trailer — with all the high-tech amenities and comforts of home.

For example, Keystone offers a line of travel trailers called the Hideout LHS — which retail for an MSRP starting at $14,999. This trailer is beautifully styled inside with expensive looking upholstery and fabrics, two-tone interior curved walls, kitchen with range, oven, microwave and refrigerator with wood faced inserts, and a full bath. This kind of look and features were unheard of at this price just a few years ago.

As you move up in price you move up even further in comfort and style. Our top-of-the-line fifth wheel, the Keystone Montana, offers Corian countertops throughout, solid hardwood cabinetry, central vac, two or three televisions and, in several models, two bathrooms. All models come with slide-out rooms, which open out at the touch of a button greatly increasing interior living space.

2. Light-Weight/Ultra Light Trailers: Another trend is towards light-weight trailers that can be towed by smaller vehicles, including the new SUVs and crossovers. Keystone’s Bullet, Bullet Premier and Passport ultra-lite models offer RVs that weigh in under 4,000 pounds — yet offer the same “glamping” features of the larger units — including full kitchens, bathrooms, beautiful interiors, slide-out rooms and all the goodies like flat screen TVs, entertainment center and multi-zone living.

3. Multi-Zone Living: This RV trend, which is carried across all Keystone models and price points, provides more liveable space, including a kitchen/living room, bedroom and a second room that can act similar to a garage, a bedroom with bunks or a dinette.

Keystone’s Raptor and Fuzion toy haulers take multi-zone living to the max. In the rear, these models feature a garage for your ATVs, motorcycles and other toys. Unload your toys and this rear “garage” effortlessly converts into an additional living area and bedroom, complete with double queen-sized bunk beds, flat screen TV, even refrigerator and separate bathroom. Other Keystone models offer zoned living that includes playroom and bunkroom for the kids, and a separate room for dad to watch the game.

What are some of the new high-tech features you’re excited about seeing this coming year?

The emphasis is on convenience and electronics. For example, in some of our models there’s a small smart phone-sized device that controls the operation of slide rooms, power patio awning and exterior patio lights. Other Keystone models have a device that looks like a tablet — it’s programmed to operate your slide rooms, awning, power jacks and your entertainment system including TV, DVD-CD player and radio. You can also use it to surf the Internet and it comes preloaded with a KOA campground locator, Keystone dealer locator and videos on operating your RV. Much like today’s homes, Keystone RVs include more energy efficient features such as better insulation, better heating and cooling, and LED lighting inside and out.

Why has there never been a better time to own an RV?

Value: RVing is a great value for the dollar. Airfares keep going up, flight choices keep getting reduced — but not when you RV. You don’t have to worry about change fees or being on the airline’s schedule. If you want to stay longer, go for it. Don’t want to have to sleep in someone else’s bed? Your RV is your bed. It’s your house — surrounded by the comforts of home. Love traveling with your pets? It’s so easy to bring them along.

The average RVer drives their RV 5,000 to 7,000 miles a year. So even gas prices aren’t an issue. Plus, you can get away somewhere great whenever you decide to go, even last minute. No matter where you are in North America, there’s a great KOA nearby. For meals, you have the choice of going out to a restaurant or staying in to cook. The options for making it affordable are limitless.

Choice: Prospective RV owners have more choices than ever before in size, floorplan layout and price. Finding the perfect fit for your family is easy. The Buyer’s Guide on the Keystone RV website can help you narrow down your selection based on type, weight, investment, sleeping capacity, and where you live.

There’s never been more to see. So come RV and get a taste of freedom.