Omelettes in a Bag

August 25, 2014

Make a tasty omelette right at your campsite, no muss – no fuss. Best of all, each camper can choose their own ingredients for a custom breakfast (or dinner) delight!



  • Eggs (2-3 eggs per person)
  • Cheese (favorite flavor, shredded)
  • Ham
  • Green peppers
  • Quart size freezer bags


  • Break 2-3 eggs into a quart size Ziploc freezer bag
  • Beat with a spoon until frothy
  • Drop ham, green, peppers, cheese, etc. into baggie, work with hands until mixed
  • Drop baggie (or several baggies) into a pot of boiling water
  • Let cook for 5-10 minutes, remove with tongs
  • Season with salt and pepper

*Note from KOA: Halfway through cooking, remove with tongs and break up the egg mixture to ensure the omelette cooks all the way through. 

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Omelettes in a Bag Recipe #KOACamping