New Design Makes Travel Planning Easier

Last month, we launched a redesigned website to help campers more easily plan their vacations and find information they’re looking for, including saving their travel preferences in the new KOA Accounts. Here are the top three ways the redesign helps you.

Camping Recipe: Shish Kebabs

Easy to prepare ahead and cook over the grill at the campsite, tangy beef sirloin shashlik is a colorful way to create a quick, but memorable holiday meal. Shashlik is a traditional outdoor food popular in many countries in Europe and Asia.

7 Easy Steps to Winterizing RV Plumbing System

The RV plumbing system is the most vulnerable system to damage caused by plummeting temperatures. The good news is it is easy to protect the RV water system from this potential threat. Here are my 7 easy steps to winterize your RV plumbing system.

Follow the “Three A’s” To Get Your Family Excited About Camping

As far as American traditions go, the family camping trip is our favorite: it’s not competitive like[…]

S’mores Martini & Yummy Marshmallow Cocktails

Marshmallow Cocktails S’mores Martini – Dip the rim of a martini glass in a shallow dish of[…]

Pecan Crescents

Pecan Crescents. Also known as Mexican Wedding Cookies, these sweet little treats are filled with toasty, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth goodness.

#12 Days of Camping

During your next camping trip, enjoy singing “The #12DaysofCamping” – the traditional holiday song with a fun outdoorsy twist

Avoid Illness with These Camping Food Safety Tips

Food safety tips are very important for a safe and healthy eating experience while camping. The last[…]