Photo Section

September 7, 2011

We live in an amazing time of technological advancement. Just 10 years ago, was registered as a domain, Napster and AOL were hitting their peak popularity, the first iPod was released, and most people were still using something called ‘film’ to record pictures.

Today, Wikipedia is the first resource cited on high school papers, most people would laugh if they received an AOL disc in the mail, Napster is that thing Justin Timberlake mentioned in “The Social Network”, the iPod is as ubiquitous as Justin Bieber, and you’d be hard-pressed to watch television for 30 minutes and not see Mr. Demi Moore peddling a digital camera.

It turns out those digital cameras are a pretty wonderful creation. They allow photographers to easily upload and edit their photos as well as get the instant gratification of seeing their work instantly on an LCD screen. Throw in gobs of automated features and you have a pretty powerful image-capturing tool. You also have a fairly complex electronic that can quickly become complicated.

That’s why we’re here to help take some of the mystery out of your camera and turn you into the Ansel Adams of digital photography.

  • compsv

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