KOA Postal Mail is a Must for Full-Time RVers

KOA Postal Mail is a Must for Full-Time RVers
May 17, 2017

Mail can be a pain when you’re living the full-time RV life. KOA Postal Mail makes it easy for you.

Ah, life on the road. It’s pretty great, isn’t it? Traveling around from the comfort of your RV seeing all the beautiful sights the country we call home has to offer.

In fact, life on the road is so wonderful, you may find yourself traveling far more than you ever thought. With your RV and an open road, it’s hard to return to regular ol’ life.

And thankfully, you don’t have to! Many people have made the leap to a full-time RV life and are absolutely loving it.

For you lucky full-time RVers, you know that there are some parts of regular ol’ life you can’t just leave behind. One of those things is your mail.

While traveling in your RV, being able to access your mail is incredibly important.

The last thing you want to have happen while you’re navigating around the country in your RV, using your phone’s GPS is to have your phone shut off due to an unknown and unpaid cell phone bill!

With KOA Postal Mail Service, you can travel at ease knowing that all of your mail and packages are not only safe, but are available for you to access anytime, anywhere.

Let’s look into the details so you can learn why KOA Postal Mail Service is an absolute must for all full-time RV travelers!

What You Get

With KOA Postal Mail Service you get some truly incredible benefits. They include:

  • Managing your mail with your Digital Mailbox, which can be accessed via your phone, computer, or tablet
  • Receiving ALL mail, magazines, packages, bills, credit card statements, etc. virtually
  • Seeing a picture of the exterior of every piece of mail you receive, including who sent it
  • Owning your very own virtual address which is a real U.S. street address with your own private mailbox number
  • Scanning mail to read virtually
  • Scanning mail to store in the cloud for later (2 GB free storage included!)
  • Forwarding capabilities to forward letters and packages anywhere
  • Guaranteed safety and security of your mail and personal information

How You Get It

Now that you know the benefits of KOA Postal Mail Service and why you shouldn’t (and don’t want to) live without it, here’s the quick and easy way you can get it all set up.

  1. Pick Your Plan

We offer 3-month, 6-month, and 1 year plans so you have the choice of what works best for you and your travel plans. As soon as you choose your plan, you will be provided your own mailbox number. This will be just like a real street address, not a P.O. box — that way,  you can still receive packages from any carrier just as you would at home.

1 year plan is priced at $17.67/month for unlimited mail

  1. Set Up Your Alerts

You get to choose whether you want to be alerted via phone or email when new mail arrives. Upon receiving an alert and hopping on to your digital mailbox, you will see a picture of your mail or package as well as who it came from.

  1. Organize Your Mail

With just one click, you choose the fate of each piece of your mail. Here are your options:

  • Forward with your choice of carrier and service level
  • Shred or trash unwanted mail
  • Scan mail to read online or to store in the cloud for later
  • Deposit check

You have the ability to create folders in the cloud to organize mail there anytime you’d like.

We’ve made getting your mail very easy and incredibly convenient so you don’t have to waste your time stressing about missing an important letter while you’re away from home.

To sign up for KOA Postal Mail Service today, click here. You will wonder how you ever traveled without it!

Bonus for VKR Members: If you’re a Value Kard Reward Member, your $20 set-up fee will be waived and you will also get 10% off of your plan! If you’re not already a VKR Member, you can read the details and purchase your membership here.

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KOA Postal Mail is a Must for Full-Time RVers - Learn how to get your mail on the road!