Recipe of the Month: Ceviche

December 23, 2010
Kick off the new year with a tasty seafood treat with a south-of-the-border flair. Add your favorite hot sauce for an additional layer of flavor.

“This is my family’s favorite camping dish,” said KOA kamper Maria Acebedo. “[It’s] very easy, just chop chop!”

Maria says that this recipe, which can feed up to 25 people, is great as a side dish, appetizer or main dish.

2 lbs cooked and peeled med shrimp (dice half)

2 lbs imitation crab, diced medium

3 cucumbers, peeled and diced medium*

3 tomatoes, diced

1 big bunch or 2 smaller bunches cilantro, rinsed and finely chopped

1 big onion, (2 if you like onion!) diced small

Fresh jalapenos, depending on your taste, diced small

2 cups juice from canned jalapenos

Fresh lemon or lime juice (be generous)

Mix everything in a large bowl and salt to taste. Serve on tostada shells, sprinkle with bottled hot sauce.

*Maria says, “Always cut off the ends of the cucumbers and rub them to the end of the cucumber to remove the sour taste. It really works!”


  • Ronda

    This sounds so good–and it looks pretty low-fat. I might have to try this for our New Year’s Eve Party, although it says it feeds 25. I wonder if I can just half the recipe?

  • Jean

    Too much hot stuff!

  • Debbie

    Way too hot!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie

    Way too hot for us.

  • Lynnette

    We actually splurged with real crab and added more cilantro since we’re big cilantro fans. It’s also really good with just a hint of garlic as well. We’re not big cucumber fans so we simply nixed them and used more tomatoes and shrimp.

    The beauty of this recipe is you can tweak it to match your own preferences. We really like the “warm” stuff so we enjoyed the jalepenos and were actually tempted to add some habaneros. We didn’t and opted for adding the garlic instead…better choice for our company since they aren’t as hard-core as we are.

    Excellent recipe. Next time, if it’s just me, I will just half it and snarf it all!

  • Dale Hook

    Good information.
    We will try the recipie, and possibbly get more in the future.

  • Joan

    Can the jalapenos be substituted with something else?

  • Dolores

    I do not use jalapenos at all. In addition to the ingredients above, I add a can of whole baby clams and chopped avocado.

  • Emelinda

    i am always a fan of simple but tasty dish. i’ve tried this dish when i was in LA visiting some relatives, and it was good and appetizing. will try it at new year’s eve with my family. thanks for sharing.

  • Danny

    I’ve eaten this dish all my life but I’ve never made it so the only modification I would make is to leave out the jalapeno juice and maybe cut down on the jalapenos and add more lemon or lime juice. I’ve never had ceviche that was spicy before I put hot sauce on it. It’s outstanding without all the heat!

  • GmaK

    I have to know… does it REALLY need “2 CUPS juice from canned jalapenos”? how many cans do I have to buy to get that much juice? I’d think it would over power all the other wonderful flavors. Please tell me that is a typo.

  • John

    put in chopped jalapenos stuffed olives instead ,, not as hot a dish then and still quite tasty..