RV Tips: How to Test Your RV Batteries

September 8, 2012

In this informative RV how-to video, KOA resident expert Mark Polk demonstrates several easy methods for testing the condition of your RV batteries. Understanding how to test your RV batteries lets you know when the batteries need to be charged, saving you money and adding years of life to your RV batteries.

Happy RV learning,

Mark J. Polk

For more information on how to purchase, use and maintain your RV be sure to visit www.rveducation101.com.

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  • Bob Litchfield

    Hi Mark. Question for you on charging my 5th wheel RV batteries. My unit uses a 50 amp connection. At my house I had an electrician wire up a 50 amp connection so when the unit is at home, I can connect it and charge the batteries and have full function of all electrical without having to run the generator. At the storage lot where I keep it however there is no connection other than a standard 110/120 AC outlet that I can connect to. My question is this: Is there an adapter or some method I can connect from this 110 outlet to my 50 amp connection for the sole purpose to keep a trickle charge running through the onboard inverter.& charger just to keep my batteries charged up ??? Or is this something I would not want to do ??? I use the camper at least 1 every 2 months, and ever 3 weeks or so that I do not use it, I do go and crank up the generator and let it run for a while, and/or bring it home and connect to shore power, both of which obviously charge the batteries. You can respond to me at BobLZX12@cox.net, and I would greatly appreciate it !!!

    • sboogman

      Hi Bob!

      Mark has a great website with lots of tips and perfect for questions. He’s not located here in our office so the best way for you to ask anything is to head to his site and do so directly. You can find more tips than you’ll know what to do with here: http://rveducation101.com/

      Have a great day!
      Saskia Boogman
      External Content Manager