S’More Smiles

September 7, 2011


Like our camping cartoons? Tell us your ideas for future creations in the commenting feature below – you might get to see yours in an upcoming KOA Kompass!

  • Barbara Thomas

    Favorite camping memory.. camping in yellowstone in an old umbrella tent… we were five sleeping bags all together in the small old tent, my sister had the corner sleeping bag… We were awakened by a bear banging around our campsite… we all just listened and didn’t move… suddenly the tent tipped to the side… the bear had decided to rest.. he sat on my sister!!.. Mom screamed!! Dad turned on the flashlight and headed out the door… the poor bear was so startled he up and ran away… my sister well she was alright even tho the bear had sat on her head … but all she could say was .. Boy! he stunk!!