Share Your KOA Photos With The World With KOA Campstagram!

January 31, 2014

Smart phones and other mobile devices have become windows into the Snowbird lifestyle for all of the folks you left at home “up north.”

Now that you’re likely carrying a pretty fair camera inside your smart phone, it’s easy to send the kids and grandkids fun photos (and videos) of your life in the sunshine.

But why limit your audience? There’s an entire world of campers out there who would love to see your photos. That’s why Kampgrounds of America created “Campstagram.”

Campstagram allows you to easily share your photos with campers around the world. Your photos could appear on KOA’s “The Greater Outdoors” blog!

Here’s all you do:

  1. Download the Instagram app from iTunes for your iPhone, or from Google Play for your Android phone.
  2. To share your favorite KOA camping moments, just load the photo to Instragram using the Instagram App, but be sure to add the hashtag #KOA or #Kamping in the photo description area. Then, just click “Share.”
  3. The best photos we see will be displayed automatically to KOA’s “The Greater Outdoors” blog and our Campstagram page for thousands of other campers to see and appreciate.


Campstagram is a wonderful way to share your memories with other campers (and let the folks back home see what they’re missing!).

It’s fun, and it’s easy. Give Campstagram a try TODAY!