S’more Smiles

June 22, 2010

These two KOA campers have a lot to say…and we want you to say it! Share your best cartoon laugh line(s) with us:


  • Sharon Phillips

    Cartoon Caption:

    Is it too much? I think it gives our site that designer look!

    • Karan Gleason

      Come along for the ride! See you soon!

  • Elsie Fish

    It was hard to convince Mable to rough it, I think the flamingos helped though!!

  • Elaine Wyatt

    Just like home except no mother-in-law.

  • Ryan Halsey

    A television satellite dish? I want to move in!

  • Barb

    So how many kids do we have to sell, no wait we don’t have any left. 🙁

  • Dave Carruthers

    My wife’s idea of “roughimg it”

  • Betty Wilcox

    I agree Bob, the flamingoes add a touch of klass.

  • Celestine Capart

    So, where do you keep the lawn mower?

  • Micki Pearson

    Now that we’re all set up Doris, do you think we should stay awhile? The bird watching should be just like home because there’s no place like home dear.

  • Nancy Sabin

    It’s our latest KOA contest: The flamingo that can stand on one foot the longest wins the Deluxe R.V.!

    • Bruce

      That’s funny…

  • Deb Kent

    What do you mean you think this is the wrong campsite? Why didn’t you think to mention that before I spent the last two hours getting all set up?

  • Ken Wright

    And you thought the line was long at the bath house!

  • Ron Marx

    Who needs Florida….We’ve got KOA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Schultz

    I wonder what the little people are doing?

  • Patricia Yanulis

    Yep…I like to get the”Mrs.” out of the house once in a while…give her a change of scenery!

  • John Massengale

    No that’s what I call roughing it.

  • J. Eagle

    Hey guy I am not checking out your beautifully decorated designer site. I just came to find out how you got a door and awning on the opposite side of your motorhome from everyone else.

  • D. Halbrook

    Yea, I told the Misses, this was her weekend, she would get the pink feathers and red carpet treatment. Not my fault she didn’t ask where.

  • Judy P.

    Yep Fred, I thought the wife was kidding when she said KOA was sponsoring the “Great American Flamingo Fling”…………………

  • Janyel Pitman

    “Dear, I thought we were going kamping? This looks just like home…I’ll be in my tent!”

  • Sue Bailey

    She gets the flamingos….& in exchange I get to add the Oregon State Beavers logo on the sides and front. Go Beavs!

  • Linda & Kory

    “Honey Bunny” we can’t leave home without mommy dearest~~~I will miss her,
    That’s ok “Sweet-ums” I brought something to help you think of her~~~now where’s my drink?

    • Linda & Kory

      Oh Hi Ralph…Nice of you to stop by~~

  • Donna Kuhn

    This campground has gone to the birds!

  • Joita Henry

    “Joe, Do you really think this will keep the birds off the satellite dish?”

  • Kay Peppley

    ” Been roughing it long !!!! This gives new meaning to home away from home,
    only birds we have at our home is pigeons!!”

  • Walt Warnke (Mrs)

    I don’t know what attracted them,but I hope they are litter trained.

  • Sandy Mills

    “I thought Barbara was done with the flocking… Sure hope I don’t get flocked next!”

  • Jackie

    We sold the house but kept all the stuff

  • William Beal

    Can’t wait to get home. I love RVing, but I can only rough it for just so long.

  • Basil Haley

    Yeah, we’ve upgraded a little since our first pop up camper!

  • Dianna Small

    They’re definitely from Florida! This must be their summer home.

  • Glenn Marett

    Its TRUE!! I bought this with the savings I got using my KOA card!

  • Chuck Bernat

    Because I am dyslexic, that’s why the stairs on on the wrong side.

  • Joe Delly

    My wife is mad the flamingos got into her red wine