S’More Smiles

February 27, 2011


Like our camping cartoons? Tell us your ideas for future creations–you might get to see yours in an upcoming KOA kompass!

  • Jon

    Why people dress their pets up is beyond me. Funny cartoon, tho.

  • Lee

    HERE are some of the “pet” camping happenings we’ve seen….from the little dog being left in the RV all day with all the curtains,or shades open hey can see out AND BARK ALL DAY! ANOTHER time…. we saw, 4 large adults come out of a smaller RV with 4 large—large dogs right behind them. It would have been interesting to see the group maneuver around each other. Once saw a long-haired cat come outside, stay on the patio all by itself, with people coming and going. The cat never left the cement patio to wander off and as I sat at my table, sewing, I looked up to see the cat with his back paws on the second step and his front paws on the top step…he just waited and waited. The owner came to the door and brushed him down and up he went into the RV. What a well trained pet. Wish I could have had my kids be that neat. Hope some of these ideas are worth a cartoon.


    I have a chi-weenie dog;with his short coat, he needs to wear a t-shirt or sweater ,depending on the weather. You can’t imagine how many people comment on his attire….one fellow camper stopped by daily to see what todays fashion was!

  • Debra Sokalczuk

    Our dog Mia and our friends dog Rootbeer are a pair, when we don’t go camping every weekend, they both sit at home and stew. You can tell they are just as disappointed as the rest of the family. When they get to camp what is the first thing they do, jump out of the SUV or Truck and run up the hill or down the hill to each others site. Mia is a medium sized, black and white mixed dog and Rootbeer is a large sized, black dog. They just love to run free at camp during the winter, when most campers are not present. They are leashed all season and have to wait for the golf cart or walk to see each other.

  • Darlene Uhlenkott

    Our min-pin/beagle mix, Charlie, has never had an enemy. In fact, we “warn” everyone how quick he is with his kisses. Bella, our short-legged jack Russell loves people but is all business when we take our Kampground walks. She has a little shirt with the word “Security” on the back, but she HATES to wear clothing of any kind & pouts in her bed if we’re able to get something on her!