S’more Smiles – What are they saying? You decide.

March 4, 2010

The spring thaw’s coming, but this is one couple that just can’t wait. But what are they saying? This month, our kampers decide! Submit your best line and you could win FREE kamping and a signed print of your kartoon!

Submit your kartoon caption below—then cross your fingers! FREE camping and a signed print of your kartoon could be yours!


Contest is closed. Thanks for all the participants!

  • Stephen Good

    What did Al Gore say about global warming

  • Debbie Gates

    On the plus side, no one could steal it while we were away!

  • Karen

    I guess I can be thankful that you hadn’t loaded the kids or the dog yet!

  • Ron & Jackie

    Will it be ready for the road by next week?

  • Darlene Alton

    stop wasting hydro, the sun will be out tomorrow

  • Bruce Somers

    I told you the Ice was too thin on that frozen lake.

  • Janet

    I wonder how many blow dryers he is going to burn up before the RV is thawed out!

  • James

    $40 for weatherization is a waste of money he says. I’ll do it myself he says. Ha Ha Ha!

  • Carl Knoke

    Honey! What does the “RV’s for dummies” , say about this problem.

  • pam sargent

    What do you mean “next year”? I already reserved our KOA camping trip!!!

  • Elaine Petee-Renaud

    If I’d only bought that plug in heater, we’d be on the road by now.

  • Kathy

    I told you not to use that thing for ice fishing!!

  • Ruby Hamrick

    If only I had covered the water meter instead of the electrical meter, maybe Our water hose would not have frozen in Florida this year. Sorry guys.

  • Mary Rushton

    Honey, you can’t hurry spring!
    You’ll have to wait for the thaw.

  • Paulette Eby

    Honey, I told you the fridge was to cold!

  • Cathy Pedersen

    I commend you my dear, but I need the hair dryer back! Try building a campfire!

  • Michelle Costa

    Ok, I’ve heard of ice bars but this is taking things too far.

  • Robert Napier

    Told You, We should have been a ‘Snow Bird’.

  • Julie-Dee

    Is why there’s no KOA in Alaska?

  • Cathy

    I thought I heard it sleeting last night, but I was sleeping so well at KOA, I didn’t look out the window !!!

  • Christy Howard

    ….and you complain about me always being late.

  • Pat Osborne

    I know i said CHILL OUT on pushing camping season but that isnt quite what i meant

  • Maria S.

    I like frozen margaritas….not frozen RV’s!

  • Shannon Webber

    Honey, have you seen my hair dryer?

  • Maria S.

    Just hitch a few reindeer in front and we’ll be on our way!

  • Melissa

    Pillow talk is extra!

  • Linda

    I’m so glad we stayed in this cabin at the KOA in ND. last night. the heater realy works great in here. LOL 🙂

  • Maria S.

    I told you so…….

  • Stacey Walker

    Hey honey!

    Where’s the propane torch???

  • John Gould

    Honey, would you PLEASE hurry up? It’s already May. The camping season has started here in Chicago!

  • Luther

    Honey, I know you want a clean motorhome. But you might have used to much water in ths weather.

  • Andrea Taylor

    You’re gonna do what?????

  • Katy

    Hurry up and thaw out the camper! It’s time to go Kamping!

  • Gabriel A. Brooks

    I said We would go camping when it is “warm enough to thaw the motor home”
    not, “if you thaw the motor home!”

  • Marni

    If you don’t hurry up and thaw that RV I’m going to go to Kamping in one of the Kamping Cabins.

  • Nan Ziegler

    “You said you wanted to leave…WHEN???”

  • bobbie

    Is you going to use my curling iron next to brand the cows?

  • rhonda nicholas

    are you using my hair dryer again? you think more of the rv than you do me.

  • Judy Ghent

    I want to dry my hair before we leave. Squirt the charcoal lighter fluid on it and light it. I am sure it will melt the ice before my hair is dry.

  • Vonda Roberts

    Not exactly what I thought was meant by “COLD STORAGE”

  • sheila

    Well dear there are some things in life that will never change….Spring in Wisconsin and a great camping at KOA!

  • Misty B.

    Seriously? Hurry up! It is buy one night get one free at KOA! We gotta go!

  • Bill

    I told you we should have left last week!

  • Debbie

    Honey…The Johnson’s just called…they will be here in thirty minutes. Are we almost ready to leave?

    • Thomas

      Tom, did you make sure and charge the AC for this summer?

  • Gale Fitzsimmons

    Is this what you meant by “winterized”?

  • David Thompson

    20 foot extension cord: $10
    KOA Value Kard: $24
    Family rig with all the amenities: $100,000
    Hubby with a reason to use a hairdryer for the first time since college: Priceless.

  • Lydia L

    I told you not to make reservations before May 1st!

  • Elsie Fish

    You better hurry honey. The message said they were hoping we would be home when they hit town. Too bad we were Kamping when they called and did not get that message!!!!!

  • Josh

    Honey better pack something warm, it is going to be a cold trip..

  • Mari Bryans

    Kamping in Canada is Great! eh