Stuff You Gotta Have: The Coleman Instant Tent

December 22, 2010

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The Coleman Instant Tent

We asked campers to help us put the Coleman Instant Tent to the test. Can they really set it up in a minute or less? Is it the kind of quality that Coleman is known for? See what they can do—and hear their thoughts about this phenomenal state-of-the-art camping gear.

Interested in picking one up for yourself? Here are some of our favorite features about the tent:

1. Size: At 14’ x 10’, this tent has tons of floor space, but that’s not all. Its vertical walls give tons of headroom, too—more than 6 feet of it, in fact. Plus, a hanging divider actually lets you separate the space into two rooms. Very handy, in our book.

2. Quality: The Instant Tent is made of heavy-duty fabric and can take weather that other, lesser tents simply could not. It’s also fully taped, so that you don’t need an extra rain cover in order to say dry. And it comes with a one-year warranty, which campers always appreciate.

3. Breathability: It’s always great to air out the tent during the day, and this tent makes it easy. There are seven windows that can be uncovered to let breezes blow through, as well as front and back doors.

4. Price: The MSRP on these tents is $199—which, although more than some other tents on the market, is still very good given the product’s quality and ease of usability.

For information on where you can purchase an instant tent in your area, or to buy one online, head on over

Wouldn’t you love to have an Instant Tent? Well, tell us about your favorite (family-friendly) tent experience and you could win a $200 gift card from our friends at Coleman to buy one of your very own!

  • Victor

    Unfortunately, The Coleman Instant Tents provide no privacy or protection from rain! They NEED a rainfly! You cannot open the windows without providing a view into the tent. And, when it rains water will get into the tent through the windows, no matter how well you seal the seams, it just needs a fly!!!

  • Hugo Lepur

    Agreed a rain fly is needed. I have yet to use this tent when it rains however even on damp nights water drips down from the top. I do love this tent as it is supper easy to set up and take down. The almost verticle walls provide tons of useable space.

  • Michael Laing

    This device, from the comments about it needing a fly for dryness protection, should be classified as a screen room instead. The major purpose of a screen room is to set up your eating table, chairs etc in the screen room protected from the mosquitos and other flying insects. Looks perfect for this application!

  • Judy Workman

    My first camping trip with my new husband was to the Skyline Drive park in his old boy scout canvas tent. Sometime during the night, it started to rain…HARD. I woke up on the low side of the tent, soaking wet, all the way through the sleeping bag and my sweatpants.

    I woke him up with a cry of “I’m all wet!”. We spent the rest of the night in my little Toyota Corolla. Our last night was spent in the Big Meadows Lodge, ’cause we had thrown out that old leaky thing!

  • Phyllis Siebken

    I have a Coleman 6-person Instant Tent and love it. It goes up just as fast as it says it does and taking it down is not that much more difficult. I live in Oregon where it rains, a lot. I’ve been in some pretty heavy rain storms and have no real complaints yet. One of the reviews I read said it would leak at the corner of one of the windows which I did notice. I took tent sealer with me and went over all the seams just to be on the safe side. I also ordered the rain fly for it though, just for extra protection. Last campout I was on 2 weeks ago, I was the only one of three tents that did not get wet inside.