Stuff You Gotta Have: The Oil-Free Turkey Fryer

November 18, 2010
Whether you’re at home or at your favorite KOA kampground, you can enjoy the taste of fried turkey this holiday, without all the mess.

For some folks, fall just isn’t fall without having at least one bit of juicy, delicious deep-fried turkey. Unfortunately, it comes with a big mess…and even some fire risks.

Luckily, there are a couple of tools on the market that are compact enough to use on your patio at home or on the campground and don’t require you to lug gallons of oil with you. Check ‘em out:

If you’re near a Cabela’s retail store—or can easily access their website—check out the Masterbuilt Electric Roaster. It uses high-radiant heat to cook in about one-third the time of a traditional oven or roaster. For outdoor use only, it also doubles as a smoker and comes complete with a wood chip tray. It can handle up to an 18 pound turkey.

Another option available at a number of mass retailers, is The Big Easy from Charbroil. Powered by propane, it uses infared heat to cook your holiday turkey as quickly as a traditional deep fryer. You can use your favorite injectable marinades or even seasoned rubs. Chicken, pork, beef and even vegetables can also be cooked in The Big Easy.

  • Harold Lincoln

    Sounds like the way to go,for me, I am sure not a big fan of all the fire under a big pot of oil.

  • Steve Hopkins

    One of the leaders of Boy Scout Troop 116, Cheyenne, WY, has an Oil-Free Turkey Fryer. The Scouts used it to prepare one of the turkeys for our troop’s Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Court of Honor.

    The Turkey was wonderfully done. So were the pumpkin, peach and apple pies, mashed potatoes, gravy, dressing, and salad. The Scouts did all the cooking with the troop leaders limiting themselves to overseeing their work.

    Further–only the male leaders were involved with the food preparation. The female leaders were outside teaching other Scouts about tracking in the woods and how to use an axe.

    • Judy

      What an awesome thing to teach your boys. It was good for them to see the men helping with the meal and the women teaching about using an axe and tracking!

      No gender stereo types for your boy! Congratualtions!

  • Sue Nelson

    I do another oil free turkey. For the past 8 years or so I bar-b-que one on my charcoal grill. Turns out great! You get the charcoal flavor and the fat drips away. Just think of a big chicken, split it in half and grill. Use your lid and vents to control flare ups. Season anyway you wish. Take care with the skin side, just get it brown and cook most of the time with skin side up, a little farther away from the coals. You may need to use a charcoal chimney to add more coals later. But it takes just 2 hours or so depending on the size of your turkey. Most of the baby-sitting time is the first half hour, after that you can prepare the rest of the fixings between your stove and microwave. My family loves it and wouldn’t want it cooked any other way!

  • Bill White

    I haven’t cooked a turkey in the past 20 years any other way than on a Large Weber Grill. Using the indirect method with the coals, won’t let the turkey burn and cooks with even heat. I add, especially at first, limb pieces of Hickory to get a smoked flavor. (Any wood from a fruit/nut bearing tree will work) The smoke flavor is not over powering, and just enough to enjoy the turkey. Can cook a 20 pound turkey, no stuffing, in about 3 1/2 hours. Add about an hour fo stuffing. I prefer no stuffing to make sure the turkey doesn’t get dry.
    My family can’t wait to go to Grandpa’s house for turkey.

  • Frank

    Beer can Turkey! That’s what that big old can of Foster’s is for. Takes about 2.5 hours for a 20 pound bird on my LP/Wood smoker. Iv’e done at least 6 of these and everyone is falling off the bone & moist as can be!

  • Bruce Blundell

    I cook turkeys on my BBQ at least once a year. I use the rotisery with radiant back heat. No flare ups from the drippings and it does a wonderful job. Every one seems to like it very much. I don’t stuff the bird, so the cooking time is very short. Also, I do racks of spare ribs the same way.

  • rhonda

    now your talking ! not just turkey, i will be having surgery on my hand in a few weeks so it will be in a cast come turkey time. my husband wants to go camping and do a turkey outside , that worries me , don’t like the oil aspect and not sure how the campground would react. this may be something i will have to check into getting as i won’t be cooking he will. and that part i like !