Take a Hike

August 17, 2011

With a rich network of national parks all across the U.S. and Canada, there is no shortage of inspiring vistas and natural beauty just waiting to be discovered. In this section you’ll find some top parks to visit and great trails to hike, as well as some tips on what you’ll need for a fun and safe hiking experience. So check it out, then lace up those shoes and hit the trails!Even if school starts up early, you still have Labor Day weekend and a passel of special fall Harvest and Halloween events at KOAs to enjoy before you winterize your RV and camping gear. Some of the best times to visit national parks and other key attractions in your local area is during late summer and fall. The crowds have subsided and there’s nothing left to interfere with your outdoor hiking adventure. Below you’ll find a few helpful hints about getting started and where to go!

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