Recipe: The Best Ice Cream Cake Ever

Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe
May 24, 2011

The recipe for the “Best Ice Cream Cake Ever” starts with ice cream sandwiches, but transforms them into a gooey, delicious and spectacular summer dessert.

Gloria Levesque of Bristol, Connecticut says that she has a new nickname, thanks to this fantastic recipe. “I am ‘the ice cream cake lady’ ever since I first made it. At camping trips, pot lucks, barbecues or any gatherings, that’s all I am requested to make!”


24 frozen ice cream sandwiches
1 8oz. container of dessert topping
1 small jar of ice cream topping (example: chocolate fudge)
1 other small jar of another flavor of ice cream topping 
(example: caramel)
A small bag of malted balls, crushed up


Place 12 ice cream sandwiches in pan 9 x 13” pan.
 Spread almost ½ jar of first ice cream topping (fudge) on top.
 Top with ½ the container of dessert topping. Cover with a second layer of ice cream sandwiches, then the remaining dessert topping.

“Drizzle with some of the first ice cream topping (fudge) topping, then with the second (caramel) topping,” says Gloria, “making a nice design to make it look good.

Sprinkle the crushed malted balls on top of everything, place in freezer or eat it right away.

“It’s sooooo gooood!” exclaims Gloria. “
I also change the toppings and change the candy toppings, too. Like peanut butter cups, M&M’s, Mounds, Heath bars, bananas and strawberries with pineapple ice cream topping. It’s endless! Be creative and have fun making it.”


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  1. Denny

    This sounds pretty decadent. Gotta try it this weekend. Glad there’s a printable recipe now.

    May 25, 20112:14 pmReply
  2. Michelle

    Silly question, what is dessert topping? I understand the ice cream toppings to be fudge or caramel sauce but I’m missing what this is.

    May 25, 20117:14 pmReply
    • Muriel

      I think that it’s Cool Whip (or a store brand or whatever). I’ve made one of these ice cream cakes before (so yummy!) and that’s what I used betwen the layers.

      May 26, 201110:30 amReply
  3. Michelle

    Hi there made one of these for my Daughter’s 8th Birthday this year! Thought I was doing something noone else has done she wanted me to make a homemade Icecream cake so I did just the same as your recipe calls for but i didn’t use icecream toppings I used cool whip x 2 and Skor bits in middle (lots) and Sjor bits on the top with Smarties!! It was a BIG HIT!!!!!

    May 25, 20118:28 pmReply
  4. Dawn

    For the adults ONLY —-try pouring amaretto, creme de menthe, Bailey’s on the ice cream sandwiches PRIOR to putting the whip cream on them. Enjoy!!

    May 26, 20116:12 amReply
    • Lynda

      Dawn, I’d like to try it with Baileys, but can you give me more specific directions? How much Baileys would you use? Do you still put on ice cream toppings? How about the candy on top? Thanks so much.

      June 2, 20118:52 pmReply
  5. christine

    Wow this is amazing, I am going to make this for my son’s 10th birthday in June.

    May 26, 20117:21 amReply
  6. Kathy

    I’ve made a version of this dessert many times & it’s always been a hit, especially on hot summer days. Mine uses the hot fudge & peanut butter toppings; then sprinkle chopped peanuts between the layers & on top.
    After reading all these comments, I will have to make this again soon!! Thanks for all the variations! YUM!

    June 3, 201110:11 amReply
  7. Jennifer Swindoll

    This just sounds so yummy and easy I may just allow my youngest child help in creating the master piece. No one said it had to beautiful, just as long as it tastes really yummy in my tummy. It should taste like a party in my mouth. I just can’t wait to make this.

    June 5, 20116:46 amReply
  8. Marcia

    Recently, I made the ice cream cake for a gathering and it was a huge hit and every one that attended wanted the recipe. Now I have to come up with another new recipe for another gathering.

    August 10, 20118:49 pmReply

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